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FNX & Forza Partner Up For 2018-19

By Forza Admin, 04/24/18, 2:45PM MDT


After a successful introduction to Adrian Conway, Walter McClenton, and their team at FNX Athlete Development back at the end of January Forza has partnered with the group for the entire soccer year of 2018-19.

With a series of five two-week blocks (ten weeks in all!) scheduled for the year we are confident we will raise the awareness in our soccer athletes of:

  1. Form
  2. Nutrition
  3. Consistent exercise being crucial to a healthy lifestyle


Dates will be:

June 11th - 14th

June 18th - 21st

August 6th - 9th

August 20th - 23rd

October 29th - November 1st

November 5th - 8th

January 21st - 24th

January 28th - 31st

March 4th - 7th

March 11th - 14th


During these weeks, all players will be able to sign up to participate.  There will be a cap on numbers and this is entirely optional for our players. Teams will also have the possibility of continuing their regular practice schedule when these sessions take place, much will count on the individual coach to decide on the appropriate workload for his or her team.

Together with our Technical Training Partnership  with Behind the Lines we are really happy that a similar association with FNX and Adrian and Walter will help provide an great experience for Forza players.