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The Way To Be....

By Forza Admin, 04/25/18, 5:45AM MDT


We received a great email from a referee about one of our coaches, Christian Hall, and his 07 team.

In this day and age, it is not common for people to stop and take the time to share praise and so reading this email made us all proud of the coach, his team of boys and the parents!!

Thanks for all you are to these players and these kids!!

Go Forza!



"I wanted to email you and let you know that I was the center referee for this team tonight and I was so impressed with the coach, players and parents. They were all so very respectful to myself and the opposing team. The parents just encouraged the players throughout the game. This coach is teaching the players excellent sportsmanship and character. I really enjoyed reffing this game. I just wanted to share with you how wonderful I thought they were. Sometimes the good things go unsaid and this team deserves this recognition."

-Stacy M.